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How to Determine Child Support in MO

Child carrying teddy bear in the woodsIn the event of a divorce or separate, it is the legal responsibility of each parent to provide financial support for any children they have together. An experience Family Lawyer can help to ensure the proper amount is paid and received by either party.

When determining child support in the state of Missouri, courts mainly base the amount to be paid on the gross monthly income of both parties, along with any other child-related expenses such as daycare and insurance. The court will also consider the custodial time assigned to each parent.  Once an agreeable child custody arrangement is in place, the court can determine support. Child support can continue until the child has reached 21 years of age, or longer if the child is disabled.

Once the payment amount is settled, the non-custodial parent can pay more than the designated amount if they choose, but not less. A court can also adjust the payments in circumstances where the initially determined amount is deemed unjust. Travel costs, educational, and medical needs can all be factors in the adjustment of the child support arrangement.

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