Child Custody Lawyers in St. Charles, MO

Clients occasionally find it necessary to seek further modification of their custody agreement. Doing so requires service from experienced custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO. Featherston Law Firm, LLC provides a wide variety of options for child support modification following a divorce. I offer reliable legal services for the following family law areas:

Object or Request Child Relocations

When you receive a formal or informal notification that the other parent of your child intends to relocate, it is essential to seek the services of child custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, right away. In the state of Missouri, parents have a short amount of time in which they can object to a relocation request.

Failure to meet the deadline for a relocation request may result in a parent’s legal ability relocate in spite of the other parent’s objection. Relocation can also require partial or complete modification of the parenting schedule. I provide services to clients objecting to relocation requests, as well as negotiate necessary alterations for parents planning to accommodate a relocation request.

Solutions for Unsuccessful Co-Parenting

During an initial custody agreement, parties often decide to make a joint decision or to share equal custody of their child. In the event a parent finds the arrangement is detrimental to their children, or it has resulted in conflict, the parent may pursue a child support modification in St. Charles, MO.

Even peaceful co-parenting situations can evolve into high-conflict cases when a new significant other is introduced. My extensive experience enables me to assist clients with identifying areas of conflict and provide solutions that benefit their children while promoting harmony within the household.

Protection from Exposure to Substance Abuse

If a parent has developed a drug or alcohol issue, it will likely affect their parenting ability or unsupervised contact. Experienced custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, such as myself, allows me to help clients who are interested in seeking appropriate court orders for the protection of their children. I will also strive to set forth any future parameters that ensure the continued security of their children.

Protection from Physical Abuse and Anger Issues

If a parent discovers that their child has been subjected to physical or verbal abuse or exposed to anger issues, I am prepared to take the proper actions to address the situation immediately. It is the job of all child custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, to ensure the protection of the children involved.

Improved Communication between Parents

Child support modification in St. Charles, MO, can be necessary as a result of the poor relationship between the parents. When a parent refuses to communicate solely, make a joint decision, or takes an action that alienates the child, such issues can be addressed in the modification.

Contact Featherston Law Firm, LLC when you are in need of a custody modification lawyer. I serve all clients in St. Charles, Missouri and the surrounding areas.