Family Rights Attorney in St. Louis, MO

When the parent of a child no longer takes parental responsibility, the child’s stepparents often take on the role of being a parent without having the legal title of "parent." If you have been responsible for the care of your stepchild and the child’s other birth parent is no longer involved in the child’s life, then you may be interested in pursuing a legal stepparent adoption.

As an experienced family rights attorney in St. Louis, MO, I am dedicated to bringing families together and keeping the peace among everyone involved with familial matters. If you are currently a stepmother or stepfather who would like to become the legal mother or father to a child whom you already care for, then you can count on me to help.

A Formal Adoption Provides You with Legal Family Rights

Stepparents tend to do everything that a parent would do if the child in their care were their legal son or daughter. In the event that your legal spouse—the birthparent of the child—died, it is quite possible that you would not receive formal legal rights. With me as your adoption attorney, you’ll be able to adopt the child and formalize the relationship that has already existed between you over the years. I am committed to ensuring that you’ll be granted all of the legal rights that you deserve as a parent of the child in your care, so you can count on me to provide the legal solutions you need.

Finalize Your Family Adoption with My Help

For legal family adoption of your spouse’s son or daughter to take place, the child’s other birth parent must provide his or her consent. In typical stepparent adoption cases, the other birth parent shows no intention of being responsible or playing a role in the child's life. When this happens, stepping in as the legal parent is an option that just makes sense. With my help, you’ll be able to fill the hole that has been left by the parent who has essentially abandoned your child.

In addition to stepparent adoption, I handle family adoptions, grandparent adoptions, and agency adoptions. Adoption brings families together and provides children with a healthy and stable environment in which to grow up. I enjoy helping stepparents adopt the children whom they already think of and treat as their own, so be sure to reach out to me when you’re ready to finalize the legal process of becoming a parent for your little one.

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