Family Rights and Step Parent Adoption in St. Charles, MO

When the parent of a child no longer takes parental responsibility, the step parents often take on the role without having the legal title of “parent.” If you have been responsible for the care of your stepchild and the birth parent is no longer involved in the child’s life, you may be interested in pursuing a legal step parent adoption.

As an experienced family law attorney in St Charles, MO, I am dedicated to bringing families together and keeping the peace among everyone involved. If you are currently a stepmother or stepfather who would like to become the legal parent of a child whom you already care for, you can count on my services to help.

Formal Adoptions for Legal Family Rights

Step parents tend to do everything a parent would do. Usually already acting as if the child in their care were their legal responsibility. In the event your legal spouse – the birth parent of the child – died, it is entirely possible that you would not receive formal legal rights. As one of the best custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, I will help you adopt the child and formalize the relationship you have already developed with them. I am committed to ensuring you will be granted all of the legal rights you deserve as a parent of the child, so you can count on me to provide the solutions you need.

Finalize Your Family Adoption

For legal adoption of your spouse’s child to take place, their other birth parent must provide their consent. Most of the time, the other birth parent shows no intention of being responsible or playing a role in their child’s life. When this happens, stepping in as the legal parent makes sense. With our help, you will be able to fill the gap that has been left by the parent in your child’s life.

In addition to step parent adoption, I also handle family, grandparent, and agency adoptions. Adoption brings families together and provides children with a healthy and stable home environment. I enjoy helping stepparents adopt the children they already think of and treat as their own. So please reach out to me when you are ready to finalize the legal process.

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