Grandparent Custody Attorney in St. Louis, MO

In Missouri, grandparents receive visitation rights under certain factual scenarios. The frequency and length of visitation depends on the specific facts of each situation. Here at Featherston Law Firm LLC, I help my clients by learning all of the specifics of their relationship with their grandchildren to identify any potential areas of agreement with the child’s parents while advocating their position in front of a court.

Grandparents who act as primary caregivers or who have major concerns regarding the caregiving ability of their grandchild’s parents, occasionally find that guardianship is a better solution for their case. As a grandparent custody attorney in St. Louis, MO, I strive to help grandparents who seek guardianship of their grandchildren.

See Your Grandchildren More Often with Grandparent Visitations

Whether you’d like to acquire custody of your grandchild or you’d simply like to be granted legal grandparent visitations from the court, you can depend on me as your source for quality representation. I understand how important it is for a child to interact with his or her grandparents, so I work my hardest for you to see your grandchildren and preserve the bonds of your family.

Third-Party Custody for Concerned Family Members

Third parties, such as grandparents and extended family members, may seek to intervene and request third-party custody when they believe that the child’s parents are unfit, unable, or unwilling to exercise proper custody of their child. These clients frequently exercise primary custody for some time as a result of drug and alcohol problems or mental illness in the child’s parents.

They often find themselves to be in a crisis situation when the parent of the child has unexpectedly reappeared to demand custody of their children. If you are interested in taking custody for a child because of long-term substance abuse or mental health issues with his or her parent, then it is imperative for you to seek a formal court order granting custody.

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