Paternity & Family Law Attorney in St. Charles, MO

Unmarried parents have the same legal rights and responsibilities concerning their children as married parents. Even when both parents agree upon whom the father of the child is a paternity action may still be necessary when working with child custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, to secure child custody, child support, or visitation rights.

Whether you and your child’s parent have recently gone through a change in the relationship or you have a different reason for pursuing legal arrangements for custody, visitation, and support, I am here to help. When you choose Featherston Law Firm, LLC as your paternity and family law attorney in St. Charles, MO, you can be confident that you will reach an agreeable solution for your case.

Arrange Custody Rights for Your Child

In most paternity cases, the identity of the father is not the most critical issue. For cases in which it is an issue, the court will order a DNA test to determine the identity of the child’s biological father. However, paternity actions tend to be motivated by a parent who wants to establish custody rights or receive child support with the help of custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO.

Paternity Cases for Children & Infants

In Missouri, the child custody standards and child support guidelines that apply to paternity cases are the same as those that apply to divorce cases. However, it is not unusual for custody and visitation orders for newborns, infants, and toddlers to be an issue during the case. When it comes to custody and visitation arrangements for infants, child custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO, will treat them differently than those involving older children. I understand the sensitivity of these cases and the complications that can arise and will approach your situation with the care and consideration it requires.

Finding a Common Bond in Paternity Cases

In cases of paternity, the parents of the child may have nothing in common apart from the child they allegedly share. For that reason, such cases must be approached differently than those involving a divorce where the separation has more at stake. Such clients tend to have had a shorter romantic relationship with the other parent, and occasionally have less shared values.

They also may not have had an opportunity to build a trusting relationship with each other, and may not even know the other parent’s family. Determining the proper visitation and custody solution requires further consideration from custody lawyers in St. Charles, MO. If you find yourself in such a case, please reach out to me at your earliest convenience to find the best solution for the parenting of your child.

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